White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has repeatedly denied that there was any “evidence” that President Joe Biden has done anything wrong — in fact, during Thursday’s briefing with reporters, she denied it eight times in less than a minute and a half.

Jean-Pierre was responding to a question from the New York Post’s Steven Nelson, who had asked her to explain why it was that Biden had spent so much time speaking with foreign business associates linked to his embattled son Hunter Biden — and why he had repeatedly denied interacting with them at all.


.@NYPost‘s @StevenNelson10: “Is there a way to counter the central message, though, that the President interacted with associates and has been lying about it since –”

KJP: “The President hasn’t been lying –”

Nelson: “– what is the [inaudible]?”

KJP: “– about anything as it… pic.twitter.com/0gxDQ3TuXH

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) December 14, 2023

Nelson began by noting that the House — along party lines — had voted to formally pursue an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

“For a lot of people at home who only view this in very broad strokes, could you explain to people why the president interacted with so many of his relatives’ foreign associates and why he continues to deny the interaction? How should people think about this?” he asked.

“Well, let’s be very clear here — and I talked about this yesterday and I’ll talk about it a little bit more — and the president put out a statement yesterday that was very clear,” Jean-Pierre replied. “What we’re seeing from House Republicans is a waste of time and it is certainly, you know, a baseless political stunt, that’s what we’re seeing.”

“And they’re leaving, House Republicans are leaving this week to — you know — enjoy a nice holiday, right? As most Americans should. But what happened to the funding to Ukraine?” she asked. “They haven’t been able to get that done … They haven’t been able to help us fix what’s going on at the border … They haven’t been able to start a conversation on how we’re going to avert a shutdown in January, they haven’t been able to do that.”


Jean-Pierre pivoted then, back to the question at hand, and delivered a rapid-fire series of denials (beginning at the 1:08 mark) in about 40 seconds.

“There’s been zero evidence (1) — zero evidence (2). You can ask me about engagement and what the president has done with his family in conversation, but there’s no evidence (3). There’s — wait — but there’s no evidence (4),” Jean-Pierre insisted. “There is no evidence (5) that the president has done wrongdoing. There’s none (6). Absolutely none (7). None (8) and that is just a fact, you’ve heard it from Republicans themselves. So they’re wasting their time instead of doing the work for — on behalf of the American people – they go after the president’s family. That’s a waste of time.”

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