California Governor Gavin Newsom appeared on late night television on Wednesday to bash Florida Governor Ron DeSantis after getting walloped by the Republican presidential candidate during a recent debate.

The Newsom-DeSantis debate, hosted by Fox News personality Sean Hannity, got so out of control that Newsom’s wife had to intervene to prevent it from going into overtime because Newsom was getting embarrassed, pundits said. Newsom’s team later claimed that the debate was “rigged.”

“I’m dead serious about this. I have developed a lot of animus towards him because of his animus towards all of you,” Newsom claimed. “You know, this guy’s out there scapegoating vulnerable communities. He’s attacking minorities, attacking women, and I don’t like it. And I wanted to push back against it. And I felt like the party was a little timid on all this. I mean, you know, he’s out there talking about anti-woke, and I mean this, for me, it’s not anti-woke. What he really means is anti-black.”

“He’s out there censoring historic facts, he’s rewriting history,” Newsom claimed. “He was out there, you know, he eliminated AP African American Studies. He said slavery was somehow some workforce development program. And he doubled down on that. So for me, it’s a very serious moment where I just felt it was important to blow back against that, against that narrative, and hold these guys accountable on a network where they don’t hear from guys like me ever.”

Newsom’s claims about DeSantis attacking women and minorities were not supported by any evidence and his claims about Florida’s African American history curriculum was inaccurate at best.

The DeSantis War Room responded to Newsom’s remarks by saying: “Americans know that DeSantis has succeeded where Newsom has failed. And when Democrats have nothing substantive to say, they default to accusations of ‘racism.’”

“No wonder why Newsom’s wife had to throw the towel in for him during the Hannity debate,” the statement added.


Gavin Newsom says he’s developed a lot of animus toward Ron DeSantis.

Newsom lists all his reasons, saying that when DeSantis says he’s “anti-woke,” what he really means is he’s

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