Former President Donald Trump said during an interview this week that he no longer supports a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians following the October 7 massacre.

Trump made the remarks during an interview with TIME Magazine while discussing Israel’s military operation against the Hamas terrorist organization.

“I’m not sure a two-state solution anymore is gonna work,” Trump said. “Everybody was talking about two states, even when I was there.”

“There was a time when I thought two states could work,” he continued. “Now I think two states is going to be very, very tough. I think it’s going to be much tougher to get. I also think you have fewer people that liked the idea. You had a lot of people that liked the idea four years ago. Today, you have far fewer people that like that idea. There may not be another idea.”

Trump noted that Palestinian children are taught to hate Israel from the day that they are born, which makes achieving peace nearly impossible.

He also made clear that if Iran were to attack Israel, there is no question that he would defend and protect Israel.

Trump’s remarks about a Palestinian state come as Israeli leaders have also shut down the idea because of the obvious security risk that it would create for Israel.


“For 30 years, I am very consistent and I’m saying something very simple, this conflict is not on the lack of a state of Palestine, but the existence of a state, the Jewish State,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this year.

“In the future, the state of Israel has to control the entire area from the river to the sea,” he said. “This truth I say to our American friends, and I also stopped the attempt to impose on us a reality that will jeopardize us.”

“A prime minister in Israel has to be able to say ‘no’ even to the best of friends, to say ‘no’ when you need to and to say ‘yes’ when you can,” he continued.


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