Sen. Tim Scott (R-FL) slammed NBC News host Kristen Welker this week for trying to run cover for the Democratic Party’s extreme stance on abortion.

The exchange happened during a Sunday interview on “Meet The Press” when Welker asked Scott about former President Donald Trump’s position of leaving the issue up to the states.

“Well, there’s no doubt that the Dobbs decision sent it back to the states,” he said. “So, the Supreme Court has ruled, the leading candidate, our Republican nominee, has made it very clear that this is a state’s issue. That is the decision that will be made and we will see how the states handle it. But there’s no question that President Trump has been very clear that he wants to issue left to the states, with three exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother.”

Scott said that he stands by his view that there should be a 15-week limit on abortions and that he has “certainly not changed about my position whatsoever.”

“The fact of the matter is that every single Democrat in the Senate and in the House have voted for abortion up until the day of birth,” he noted. “The former governor of Virginia has said – he was a pediatrician – even infanticide. So, stopping late term abortions is something that 90% of Americans actually believe in –”

Welker immediately interrupted and claimed: “Democrats don’t support – that’s false, senator. Democrats don’t support infanticide.”

“Kristen, they’ve already voted for it,” Scott noted.

Welker responded: “Senator, no, no, no. Senator, but as you know, late term abortions are exceedingly rare.”

“They voted for abortions up until the day of birth,” Scott said. “I’m just telling you what they voted for.”

“Kristen, you cannot deny the fact that the Democrats have voted – not talked about, but voted – for abortions until the day of birth. That is a fact,” Scott said. “You can look that up in the records of Congress. So, I’m not talking about hypotheticals. You continue to bring me hypotheticals. The truth is, and I got to say, this is kind of – kind of interesting, the truth is simple. The Democrats are radical. 90% of Americans don’t agree with them.”



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