A producer for the parent company of Pornhub admitted that pornography is unhealthy, addictive, and destructive in a newly released undercover video.

Mike Farley, a Senior Product Manager at Aylo, the parent company of Pornhub formerly called Mindgeek, made the admissions in undercover video captured by Sound Investigations, noting that the porn website has 180 million unique visitors every day.

“I definitely think porn addiction is definitely a thing, that’s for sure,” Farley said in the footage. “I don’t think it’s a positive thing in general.”

“Liberating?” he questioned before saying, “I don’t know, I think it’s just the easy way out. To me it doesn’t seem like something that would be good … I don’t think anybody watches porn and then feels good about themselves after.”

Farley said that the company doesn’t “really know the implications of this sh*t,” citing critiques made by psychologist Jordan Peterson, host of the Jordan Peterson Podcast on Dailywire+.


P*rnhub Product Manager Says P*rn “Can’t Be Normal,” “Can’t Be Healthy”

Discusses P*rn Psychology From @jordanbpeterson, “We Don’t Really Know The Implications of This S**t”

Admits P*rn Is Addictive to Retain 180MM Users/Day

“I Hope They All Ban Us” pic.twitter.com/AyM9eMWIZA

— Arden Young (@arden_young_) December 14, 2023

The video is the latest in a series released by Sound Investigations, which previously revealed that the embattled porn company attempts to introduce transgender pornographic content to straight men. It was first reported by the Washington Examiner.

Farley, who has been employed by the company for over 10 years, also conceded that Pornhub is not concerned with ethics. “The government makes it about ethics,” he said. “I don’t think [Pornhub]’s worried about ethics, it’s a f***ing adult website. It’s kind of the opposite of ethical.”

The Aylo Senior Product Manager went on to say that the industry has a detrimental effect on men, pointing out that viewing pornography is unnatural. “Your brain thinks you’ve seen them in person, like, there’s no difference … There’s no way that’s normal. That can’t be normal. That can’t be healthy. That must do something because that’s significant,” Farley stated. “Like, if you think of the human species, like, if you think of the thousands of years we’ve existed before, the average guy would have seen like how many girls naked?”

Farley also admitted that watching pornography can damage relationships by setting “unrealistic expectations” and said that viewing it is akin to cheating.

“I hope they all ban us … because I don’t give a sh*t,” Farley added in a conversation about states and countries enacting ID requirements to prevent minors from accessing pornography.

The company is currently being sued by 257 alleged victims across 10 human trafficking class action lawsuits. 

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