NASHVILLE (May 22, 2024) – Today, The Daily Wire’s revolutionary razor company Jeremy’s Razors dropped its latest buzz-worthy advertisement, mocking idolaters of corporate DEI scams. The aptly titled “2nd Greatest Commercial Ever” – a follow-up to 2022’s Greatest Commercial Everthat boasts more than 23 million views to date – highlights Jeremy’s Razors radically redesigned 2nd Gen razor.

The new video features Daily Wire’s co-CEO and god-king Jeremy Boreing, Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro, plus cameos from hosts Matt Walsh, Andrew Klavan, and Michael Knowles, and takes aim at modern advertising tropes by introducing a new face for the e-commerce brand: Black Jeremy.


Played by actor and conservative personality Siaka Massaquoi, Black Jeremy replaces Jeremy Boreing as Daily Wire CEO to secure the purchasing power of liberal, white women at the urging of advertising “experts” giving the Jeremy’s Razors brand a DEI makeover. Massaquoi was infamously arrested by the FBI (for “standing in a Capitol doorway” on January 6th) while traveling home from the Daily Wire’s premiere of Lady Ballers, in which he made a cameo appearance.

Boreing quipped on X of the new launch, “Woke corporations spend all of your money on DEI. We spent it on a better razor (and a blacker Jeremy). Introducing the Second Generation Jeremy’s Razor – radically redesigned so you can shave like a man, not a manifesto.”

The brand continues its commitment to progress that isn’t progressive with a top-to-bottom redesign, including:

New handle: Ergonomically redesigned for superior durability & control
New blade options: 

Sprint 3: With open blade geometry for a quick, clean shave
Precision 5: Sharper, longer-lasting blades and a precision trimmer

More flexibility: Contours to your face to help prevent nicks & cuts
New lubricating strip: Infused with argan oil & aloe to indulge your skin

More than a grooming line, Jeremy’s Razors was launched in March 2022 as a message to virtue-signaling corporations bent on foisting left-wing cultural values on its consumers: your customers have options. The move was a direct result of Harry’s Razors publicly pulling its advertising from The Daily Wire the year before after publicly disparaging the company for saying boys are boys and girls are girls. 

The debut of Jeremy’s Razors took the consumer products and advertising worlds by storm. The brand teased the launch via an “I Hate Harry’s” campaign with billboards in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and Texas before debuting the ultra-viral Greatest Commercial Ever.” Within three days, the Jeremy’s Razors Twitter account had surpassed Harry’s in follower count, and within a week, the fledgling company had sold 45,000 razors subscriptions. The Jeremy’s brand now boasts 100,000 subscribers and touts a full men’s grooming line as well as women’s razors (because yes, women are different than men) as well as its line of Jeremy’s Chocolate, launched last year after Hershey’s infamous Women’s History Month gaffe. 

The new generation of razors and all other Jeremy’s products are available now at The 2nd Gen of Jeremy’s Razors is also now available on Amazon.


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